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Amorphous shield

Our Technology

In the course of making cables, audio cables in particular, special care has to be taken to avoid even minor cable parameter fluctuations which occur periodically.
This might be created by a manufacturing imperfection occurring repeatedly at equal intervals. This will result in selectively increased attenuation of the cable, "cutting-off" only the signals corresponding to specific frequencies.
According to this phenomenon, if we use an ordinary layer shield in order to eliminate the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals, it is more than probable to create bigger problems than those we try to avoid.
However, if the shield structure doesn't coherently repeat itself throughout a cable, it cannot voice the cable along its length.

In order to eliminate the above negative characteristics in our cables, instead of using an ordinary layer shield we use a heavy shield consisting of a 99.99% pure copper formless layer that covers the signal conductors.
This formless layer we call "amorphous shield" doesn't coherently repeat itself causing randomly distributed minor irregularities which are usually negligible.
This continuous layer is applied around the signal conductors stabilized in helically deceptive random places, using an anthropocentric mathematical algorithm.

Projects treated by our amorphous shield:

  • uranus ( interconnect cable )
  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System - principles only )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )

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