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The electron28n (nanotubes treated conductors)

'Feel as if at the real soundstage'

Electron28n is our audiophile power cable to employ our newly developed Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductors able to deliver a lot of current without injecting unwanted electrical noise into nearby interconnect and speaker cables. This overall system performance foundation consists of three externally twisted, complete separate shielded and nanotubes treated pure copper conductors, providing additional protection against magnetically coupled interferences. Hence, it offers a remarkably transparent sound, relaxing and more open than its conventional single shielded configuration counterparts. Every component in this new flagship cables range has been completely redesigned. Conductors, shielding, geometry, connectors, canopy, raw materials, everything has been developed after a long research taking them to the next level. The result is an uncompromising quality efficient cable that offers a holographic image of the future as part of the present.

Electron28n is a heavy shielded, quite flexible power cable available in a beautiful silver-black color, specially designed to deliver up to 28 Amperes/230 volts, which is sufficient to create the optimum connection paths for the most demanding audio devices of the market. This effortless combination of uncompromising quality and balanced price represents an efficient, genuine alternative that takes you closer to music than ever before. It is composed of three heavy twin-core signal conductors, specially made of 99.999% soft temper pure, fine copper that are exclusively made of protogenic (first-born), carefully maintained ore, in order to eliminate the surface mechanical anomalies, and perfectly cleaned (same as our silver conductors) through a two-stage cleaning procedure that improves the electrical signal transmission properties and provides extremely low distortion.
Each cleaned pure copper conductor is immersed, under very specific conditions, into our unique masterbatch which consists of functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), allowing them to fill in the voids between metal molecules and coalesce, holding together by van der Waals forces thus treating any surface minor damages and critically increasing conductivity. Over each one of our Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductors, 46 separate layers of the same functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes masterbatch are pi-stacking together surrounding them, encapsulated immediately within a high chemical resistance heavy yet quite flexible PVC formulation tube, stabilizing the entire system and providing excellent flexibility, safe electric insulation and durability. Since this high conductive configuration is metal free, it converts the external magnetic field - existing all around the metallic copper conductors (the signal is always electromagnetic and never solely electric) - into an electrical signal anew thus increases the velocity of propagation. Likewise, since this carbon nanotube multi-layer is also extremely thermo-conductive, it absorbs the heat produced by the current into the metal structure, reducing the copper conductors working temperature, offering a significant diminution in signal loss.

This carbon nanotube multi-layer film also works:

  • As a metal to dielectric suspension, since each layer has an elastic soft film character, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects (time-related distortion) insignificant.
  • As a lubricant, eliminating the friction between the copper conductors and the dielectric tube in order to avoid static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.
  • As a perfect mechanical protector and moisture isolator as it is very stable, chemically inert and extremely strong, ideally securing the delicate copper conductors.
  • As an effective conductor high frequency noise filter protecting your gear since high frequencies reside at the skin of every conductor. This unique filter eliminates high frequency noises using the entire length of the cable

Optimum screening performance is obtained by applying an also heavy shield screen over each PVC layer consisting of Tinned Copper Braid. The primary use of this wire sleeving braid is to reduce and practically eliminate the external Electromagnetic (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) signals. Moreover, it is grounded using the star-configuration method, at one end of the cable only, in order to avoid the creation of a parallel circuit (ground loop). This screen drains away all unwanted noises to the ground of the power source, physically separating the main electrical noise from your equipment's nearby interconnect and speaker cables without imposing any current delivery limitations. Additionally, this cable is airproofed using our patented Cables airproof mode. A suitable cylindrical elastic o-ring is properly placed near each cable connector covering and tightening the external jacket, thus isolating the sensitive copper conductors from the atmosphere and the penetration of humidity, keeping the capacitance stable and low.

The electron28n advanced power cable is available with platinum plated, over 99.999% OFC pure copper poles, high quality and superb conductivity power connectors, covered by a thick liquid treatment oil, in order to eliminate corrosion and increase the electrical contact stability. As with all our cables, the electron28n is carefully checked, separately measured and double-tested in our laboratory. Every element that contributes to the making of this power transporter is subjected to constant quality control procedures, to ensure a reliable product, offering a remarkable upgrade to your beloved system. Before packing, we use our cable demagnetizing method, neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on this cable in a three-stage procedure.
Finally, the electron28n is carefully packed in a luxurious real wooden box specially designed to protect it and prevent any damage. Each of our wooden boxes has a unique serial number, same as the cable. Inside, you will find all documents and instructions' manual required, plus a bottle of our pastra advanced antistatic cleaner. It is ready to use at once, as it is already treated by our burn-in signal generator designed specifically for audio equipment power cords, which sends a sophisticated burn-in signal (a combination of wideband noise and swept amplitude modulation) into the wiring for 72 hours.

The visual and sonic appeal of this new generation of cables represents "mamalos cables" continuous commitment to the finest in the music reproduction. This could not be achieved without the ultimate use of innovative technology, accumulated knowledge, and human devotion to discover the ultimate dimension of music.

The electron28n advanced power cable, if registered, comes with a 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We also offer a 30-day trial period and a money-back guarantee by refunding the purchase price minus a 5% restocking fee. However, every buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Please contact your local distributor-dealer for more information. The production of the electron28n lasts about three weeks. Please contact your local authorized distributor or dealer for ordering and any information concerning delivery.

Alternatively, please feel free to order your electron28n nanotube treated conductors power cable by using our premium online sales shop, or to order it by using our custom made department


Electron28n specifications *


74.26 pF/1.5m at 100hz


2.23 uH/1.5m at 100hz


0.0185 Ohm/1.5m at 20C

Power Rating




6 x carbon nanotubes treated copper 99.999%


External twisted




Seperate Tinned Copper Braid


PVC - polyethylene


Platinum plated power connectors



External core diameter

7.8 mm

Total weight

500 gram/1.5m

Lengths available

1.5 meters**


Technology tables

Comparative tables

Remarks: up to 28 Amperes/230 volts, heavy 46 layers nanotubes coating, high frequency nanotubes noise filter, complete separate shielded conductors, factory mounted platinum pleated connectors, patented Natural Flow Cooling System, halogen free jacket, demagnetized.

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.
Any other length over 1.5m can be custom made on your demand.
***Available with platinum pleaded, any other connectors on your demand.

**** 4 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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