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Handling Cables

About our Cables

Cables are delicate, scientifically designed products; so, handle with care for optimum performance and durability. Please observe the following important notes concerning valuable instructions and maintenance in order to achieve maximum performance and satisfaction from your cable. We sincerely hope that it will bring you many years of outstanding listening pleasure.


  • It is very important to remember not to touch the cables when insert and most when remove a cable by any device. Make sure only to grip the plug gently. A common mistake is to press hard and rotate the plug in order to remove a cable.

  • Do not leave cables for a long period of time on the sockets. Periodically remove them and clean any oxidation from plugs and contacts.

  • Remember not to touch the contacts with your hands.

  • Never use any cleaning agents on cable jackets.

  • Do not tightly bend cables for any reason. Imagine what happens to a wire when bend continuously, the metal structure changes until it brocks.

  • Please prevent bending over a very small radius. Minimum safe bending radius of mamalos cables is 9cm.

  • Do not jerk or stretch hard.

  • Avoid direct sunlight on cables and connectors.

  • Cables must be as short as possible. Do not use unnecessarily long cables. However use a little longer length in order to rest them loosely.

  • Keep your cables cool: The lower the temperature, the less chemical activity.

  • Keep all power cords ferrous and any device that produces electromagnetic fields away from interconnects and speaker cables.

  • Be careful when installing cables to avoid positive and negative paths to short circuit.

  • When installing cables make sure that all the devises are off. Never leave one end of any cable open especially in speaker cables.

  • Make sure that power cords are as far away as possible from speaker wires and interconnects. In special cases that you must cross them each other, do so at 90 degree angle to avoid interferences.

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