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The elixir

Nanotubes Technology Interconnect System

'Discover the ultimate dimension of music'


Mamalos Elixir


During HES2016 we had the chance to get to know and have an interesting conversation with Kostis Mamalos, a Greek audio cables' manufacturer. His company, "Mamalos Cables", is based in Corfu, the famous for its musical tradition island, birthplace of the Olympic and the Greek National Anthems' composers, Samaras and Mantzaros. Indicatively, every second child in Corfu over the age of 7 is competent in at least one classical musical instrument, while the island disposes 14 fully organised big Philharmonics with their respective dance schools, 3 significant conservatories, lots of smaller music schools and, of course, the Ionian University's Departments of Music Studies and of Sound & Audiovisual Arts. Throughout the year, concerts, operas and music events are held mainly in the famous Municipal Theatre of Corfu, as well as in specially designed private places located on the entire island.
"Mamalos Cables" operates in such a "classical" music environment, implementing innovative technologies and materials such as Conductive Carbon Nanotubes. The fact that these cables are manufactured in Greece with the use of Greek materials and Greek workers led us to a bunch of questions. Therefore, as a result, the discussion turned into a mini- interview. A short description of the most recent "Mamalos Cables'" product manufactured with the use of nanotechnology was enough to raise our curiosity and consequently, a test was immediately arranged.

Type: interconnect cable
Conductors: silver conductors nanotubes treated
Insulation material: treated PTFE-Teflon
Connectors: Olive wood body, gold platted
External diameter: 10.8mm.
Weight: 78 gr/m
Length: 1m

> Superconductivity
> Capable to develop acoustic field

> Definite sound improvement, especially in time

> Easy to disconnect

Authorised seller: Mamalos Cables
Contact info: +30 694 462 4517
PRICE: 1.190


A cable that lets our sound meet a vast environment of expression and a canvas of creation. The devices will love it, since it will let them breath...

The company's so-called "interconnect cable system" got to our magazine headquarters a few days later within a beautiful packaging, at the interior of which a handmade paulownian box was revealed. In it, we found a pair of cotton gloves, the user's manual, a special id with the cable's tech specs and a 6-year warranty, as well as a vial of an antistatic cleaner named "pastra" of the same company. Along with the "Elixir" comes the most recent CD of the Greek musician and composer Yiorgos Psihoyios, recorded with the use of the company's cables. Apart from the general manufacturing quality, we were impressed to see on the tech specs' sheet the dissipation factor which is not very common.
"Elixir" is an interconnect cable where nanotechnology and specifically conductive carbon nanotubes, manufactured in Greece, are used. Carbon nanotubes are graphite cylinders discovered in 1991 by Sumio Lijima. Their diameter is that of billionths of the meter and they are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. At the same time, they are the lightest, the hardest and most conductive material that exists. Every single nanotube can transmit up to 1,000 times more electric current than copper. "Elixir" is the first cable of its' kind in Greece and one of the first manufactured worldwide. It embodies high-conductivity nanotechnology conductors, an absorbed by induction total metal-free shielding system, an improved extremely low capacitance geometry, low capacitance wooden connectors and a strong shell of high reflectivity. Every part of this interconnect cable has been very carefully designed.

Every Elixir cable consists of two heavy constructed and super clean monoclonal (solid) conductors manufactured by silver and enriched/treated with super-conductive carbon nanotubes at molecular level, by using a unique masterbatch (homogeneous mixture), which has been developed by "Mamalos Cables". After this treatment each conductor is encapsulated/encompassed with 14 layers of the same masterbatch through a 7-day process. All these layers operate, along with the conductors, as a conductible whole, converting at the same time the electromagnetic field formed around every enriched/treated conductor into a signal again. As a result, both the cable conductivity and the velocity of propagation are increased. This whole conductor structure is finally encompassed by PTFE-Teflon of high quality which also has been specially treated. Additionally, the 14 layers of this particular masterbatch have been specially studied, so that they operate as an excellent suspension to eliminate every potential vibration/throb, minimizing alongside the friction between the conductors and the Teflon-powered shell. Likewise, since carbon nanotubes are chemically inert, they completely eliminate any oxidation. Moreover, since carbon nanotubes are also extremely thermo-conductive, they reduce even more the operation temperature.
"Elixir" provides a shielding protection against any kind of internal and external radio frequencies. To achieve that, an innovative combination of triple-shielding Faraday cage is applied, in order to isolate the cable from the outer environment, as well as that of quadruple shield so that the already reduced interactions among the conductors are eliminated, by using nanotechnology, once more. The whole shield of this cable is metal-free consisting of conductible graphene, while the conductors' one is especially enriched/treated with super-conductible carbon nanotubes.

Nevertheless, the interferences drain does not emerge galvanically, by connecting directly the shield layers to the signal return at the one end/edge of the conductors towards to the source, as it happens in all conventional cables, but by induction (!) through a shielding interface system. Likewise, due this the galvanic isolation, the total cable capacitance is dramatically reduced, while the ground loops problem regarding the shield is also solved once and for all. "Elixir" provides a remarkably low resistant to voltage changes, as well as an exceptional handler of vibrations. Moreover, an interior elastic hanging mechanism is used upon the gold plated connectors which insulates the cable from the vibrations and provides both invariable geometry and time-lasting expectancy. An interior conductors cooling system is also used which provides a remarkable stability to the cable's electrical characteristics/specifications and an even longer life expectancy. Finally, it is manufactured through an airproof mode method which makes the cable airtight, offering further resistance to oxidation and stable operation temperature. "Elixir" is terminated by gold platted RCA connectors the shell of which comes from Greek olive wood. This excellent material is renowned for its durability, due to the wood's high density (92%), while the grain structure of the wood is unique, rendering each peace one of a kind. Each terminal/plug is internally covered by a duble layer coat of conductible carbon nanotubes. An extremely thin, almost transparent, layer of special lacquer is then applied upon the nanotubes' shield which stabilizes, insulates and protects it while, at the same time, it provides attenuation of the vibrations on the connectors. The external jacket is made of flexible and double-knitted polyethylene, uniformly blended with intense white high reflective monofilament. In other words, "Elixir" is a beautiful high-quality and low-weight superstructure.

The cable was applied on our "reference system" headed by ATC Speakers, using the Sony SACD XA9000ES player as a source which is well-known for its fine and analytical sound. We chose mainly top recording SACD discs.
At first, we heard other Interconnect cables in order to realize their acoustic characteristics and have a point of reference. We heard cables of the "Elixir" category, some cheaper and some costlier than that. The whole testing process took us several hours, along with several pages on our notepad.
We should feel proud that "Mamalos Cables", an innovation-directed company exists and operates in Greece. For instance, its nanotubes are a proof of that. Mark the last word "tubes". Yes; "Elixir" turned our conventional sound system into a vacuum tube system, although it contains none. It didn't bring along the tubes downsides, their "crankinessies" and their "variable" sound; just their naturalness. The mids became round, the highs became ethereal and fine as a spider's web, while the stereophonic scene got bigger, as if it was unwrapped, while its 3D got extended. The bass got more manageable and full. As if a shadow left our sound, everything became brighter, not shiny but dense, in terms of analogue signal; what if our source was digital.
The cable improved the sound quality of our system 2 to 3 clicks higher, as the t-stops work in photography. The dynamic range became bigger, the speakers "fuller" and the amplifier...revealed a significant comfort. Moreover, also timely, the system found its synchronisation, something that we checked later on using it as a "digital" one.
What is important is that the cable didn't introduce any character or timbre, which indicates... superconductivity. As if music found a huge path to travel. Music character didn't change, as it does with other cables. On the contrary, it detached itself from lots of limitations.
"Elixir" is indeed an excellent cable and we hope "Mamalos Cables" allow us to keep it for a few more weeks as a reference. We would like, of course, its RCA connectors to grip better the devices' female plugs, but the olive wood attenuates that.
An entirely Greek product... which will make a lot of people lose their sleep worldwide.

TIP 01: 10-day trial period provided, along with money-back guarantee.
TIP 02: A balanced edition also available, called "Elite".
TIP 03: Interfering with the interior of the cable is not recommended as nanotubes are not skin-friendly.

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