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Hygroscopic nanotubes encasement

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After 2 years of theories' proving in our lab, materials' quality research and analysis, as well as hours upon hours of listening, mamalos cables innovation extends once again by making liquid cables in effect. This is an extended step forward to our Nanotubes Treated Conductors technology design and execution immersing our nanotubes treated conductors into an hygroscopic nanotubes encasement.
Over each of our Nanotubes Treated Conductors a thick layer of our functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes masterbatch, in gel-liquid form this time, is applied surrounding them, encapsulated with immediately, in a high chemical resistance original PVC formulation tube. The entire concoction remains gel-liquid in under pressure conditions, using our patented cables airproof mode, preventing evaporation at the same time. Since this high conductive configuration is metal free, it converts the external magnetic field that exists all around the metallic copper conductor (the signal is always electromagnetic and never solely electric) into an electrical signal, anew thus increases the velocity of propagation.

Those innovative liquid carbon nanotubes treated conductors are an intense improvement in quality of the already exceptional characteristics of our pure silver and pure copper carbon nanotubes treated conductors, bringing mamalos cables to the next level.
Likewise, since this hygroscopic carbon nanotubes encasement is also extremely thermo-conductive, it absorbs the heat produced by the current into the metal structure reducing the copper conductor working temperature, offering a significant diminution in signal loss.
This is a completely new terrain. Gel-liquid nanotubes treated conductors have the least interference and the least distortion, and therefore distinguish themselves easily with a less murky and a more vibrant outcome.
Our innovative
gel-liquid cables use a tinned pure copper braid on the negative path of the cable and the gel-liquid conductor on the positive path. Thus, more subtle variations on sound can be obtained through varying the conductor material of the negative path.
The result is a 3D reproduction: Dimensionality, Decay, Definition.
All those important aspects of the real sound for the audiophile scouter who demands not merely the most popular, but surely the best performing.

Our hygroscopic nanotubes encasement treated conductors projects:

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