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Natural Flow Cooling System

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Since the electrical resistance of a conductor such as a silver wire is dependent upon collisional processes within the wire, the resistance could be expected to increase with temperature since there will be more collisions. Likewise, the more the temperature rises the more the conductor resistance increases causing audible signal loss especially in high frequencies because of skin effect. Moreover, materials possess their own specific tonal signatures, independently of shape or size, but directly related to temperature.

In order to minimize this phenomenon most cables suffer from, we must aim at keeping the conductor temperature of all our cables as low and stable as possible. Therefore, we leave the two ends of the conductor Teflon insulation tubes open while the external tube remains hermitically closed.
As the diameter of the insulation tube is quite bigger than the conductors', air can easily flow through it.
When the current flows through the conductors the temperature increases and the air in the external tube of the cable starts to flow, cooling the conductors.

This patented
"Natural Flow Cooling System" stabilizes the operation temperature level of our cables lower than a conventional cable, offering a significant diminution in signal loss.
Moreover, by keeping the temperature quite low we avoid corrosion farther, same as any chemical activity, achieving a time-lasting stable cable.

Projects using our Natural Flow Cooling System:

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