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Metals are now known to be primarily elements characterized by atoms in which the outermost orbital shell has very few electrons with corresponding values of energy. The highest conductivity occurs in metals with only one electron occupying a state in that shell.

1. Silver has the best conductivity of any known metal. This is why all our solid signal conductors are specially made of 99.999% (5N) extra soft temper pure fine silver. Our cables improve their performance with age, due to the conductive qualities of silver. All wires are specially made by super long drawn highly annealed continuously cast pure fine silver (CCPFS), with less than ten parts per million impurities.

Model of silver atom

2. Temper refers to the degree of hardness of the metal and is determined by the amount of heating and reheating used in the refining and finishing process. We use the softer silver material in order

  • to avoid causing stress in the soldering process
  • to reduce electrical resistance
  • to increase the stretch and bend resistance.

Moreover, in our listening tests, we found that the temper is actually more important to good sound than the ultimate degree of purity, in particular circumstances.

The manufacturing process eliminates the silver surface mechanical anomalies, improving the electrical signal transmission properties, thus giving extremely low distortion. Especially high frequencies become extensive but at the same time have a quite satisfying sweetness and polish, avoiding the usual excessive sharpness which is the aural signature that silver has frequently been accused of.

4. Each conductor is perfectly cleaned in a two-stage cleaning procedure.

  • In the first stage, a strong cleaning process eliminates corrosion and polishes the surface in order to increase conductivity, ensuring optimum performance.
  • In the second stage, by using a special liquid we make a deep final cleaning of the subtraction remains from the first stage, preparing the conductor surface treatment.

5. By using a specific process, each end of the silver conductors is perfectly polished, thus becoming elliptical to avoid electric evacuations.

Our silver conductors

6. To eliminate the problem of silver corrosion in the course of time, a thick liquid treatment oil is being used, specially designed for this purpose. Then each conductor is encapsulated immediately in a high chemical resistance PTFE tube. The result is a time-lasting stable conductor capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants, thus preserving signal integrity.
This liquid treatment also works:

  • As a metal to dielectric suspension, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects insignificant. (Vibrations generate shifting of the conductors magnetic fields. This can cause time-related distortion)
  • As a lubricant, reducing dramatically the friction between the silver conductor and the dielectric tube, avoiding the static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.

7. In multi-stranded cables different alternating components of the signal terminate at slightly different times, resulting group delay and producing audible distortion. By using individually-insulated solid core conductors we eliminate strand interactions multi-stranded cables suffer from. In a way, the signal cables are only an extension of an audio amplifier's internal circuits.

Our silver conductor projects:

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