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Carbon nanotubes shielded

Audio connectors are quite important as they compose the sensitive conductor ends of the cables. Our new XLR connectors are made by neutrik by using improved solid metal latch which is larger and easier to handle and additional ground spring contacts for better shell ground continuity.
Female contact incorporates a solder barrier to prevent solder running into the contact mating area. Moreover, male connector provide improved locking recess without "window", while more stringent housing increases durability.
Boot with polyurethane gland gives high protection to cable bending stresses and the internal thread on shell is well protected against any damage. Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster.

By using our Amorphous Carbon Nanotubes Shield technology we cover the XLR connector's interior by applying directly on it a double layer of our unique electro-conductive metal free carbon nanotubes masterbatch. Then an extremely thin, almost transparent, lacquer coating is applied stabilizing and safely isolating the entire carbon nanotubes structure out of the atmosphere.
The result is a gorgeous heavy shielded XLR connector that is audible more efficient, thus giving to our cables smooth, effortless and uncoloured sound reproduction. An extended step forward in XLR connectors technology design and execution

More carbon nanotubes shielded XLR features:

  • Signal and signal return connections are made in a single piece, avoiding joined contact losses, thus achieving very high conductivity.
  • They are capable of isolating vibrations produced by the components' chassis, the sonic waves and the speakers themselves' using our patented Elastic handling mechanism.
  • All conductive metal parts are made of a thick gold layer over a blend of regular copper and very regular zinc. We use gold since it has the best conductivity of all metals, practically similar to silver. However, gold is oxidized very slowly. For keeping high conductivity in the course of time we recommend using our pastra cleaner liquid.
  • High internal thermal, chemical and mechanical stability due to the lacquer coating.
  • Very high hermetic factor thus providing a secure carbon nanotubes isolation.
  • Ideal eclectic insulation.
  • Excellent durability archiving a time-lasting stable XLR connector.

Our carbon nanotubes shielded XLR projects:

elite ( Nanotubes Technology Balanced Interconnect System )

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