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Para\\el 4 geometry

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This geometry has several unique features solving four very critical problems of a speaker cable in order to boost audio performance:

1. Inductance, (resistance to changing current) is a very important characteristic of analogue speaker cables; maybe the most important (including resistance). If it is too high it can cause audible distortion and treble loss. Most of all it can significantly lower the effective damping factor of the amplifier, decreasing control of the loudspeakers. Capacitance is much less important here.
Para\\el 4 geometry we use a low inductance geometry using 8 individually insulated conductors divided into 2 parallel groups of 4. Keeping the distance between them as low as possible we achieve a very low inductance and the minimum possible increase in capacitance. Spacing between the tubes and conductors is kept accurate offering a stable value of inductance in accuracy of 0,02microH!

2. As the signal is carried through a conductor an electrical phenomenon takes place (skin effect) that pushes the high frequency information to the outside of the conductor, reducing the metal cross section area. This makes high frequencies travel in a more restricted conductor area than low frequencies do, which increases signal loss and distortion.
Para\\el 4 geometry using 8 individually insulated conductors, we increase the total cross section area reducing the skin effect. A very careful manufacturing process provides identical conductors, increasing signal linearity.

3. If a current flows through a conductor a magnetic field is produced and if a conductor moves in a magnetic field a current is created. This phenomenon produces the problem of magnetic interaction between cable conductors of analogue speaker cables.
Para\\el 4 geometry we use the low inductance geometry connecting the cold (-) and the hot (+) conductors alternately. By changing the direction of dynamic lines, the electromagnetic field produced by the conductors is cancelled, eliminating the interaction between them.

Projects using our Para\\el 4 geometry:

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