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The pastra (advanced antistatic cleaner)

Pastra advanced antistatic cleaner is an effective cleanser and sanitizer against dirt, grease, fungi and bacteria. It is specially formulated with environmental health and safety in mind in order to be safe for people, plastics, metals and the environment in general, with a pleasant light lemon fragrance.

Pastra advanced antistatic cleaner is suitable for cleaning and sanitizing any hard surfaces such as metals, thus improving conductivity and is particularly safe for plastics. In this way it can be used to clean both external covers and connectors of all our cables.

Moreover, it is antibacterial, non toxic, non flammable and biodegradable. Therefore it can be used to clean all plugs and sockets in your system.
Finally it eliminates static charges on the surface of the loudspeaker, interconnect and power cables. These surface charges can interfere with the signal, introducing background noise into your system.

Pastra comes in 5ml very high quality neutral glass vials, suitable for various liquid storage solutions such as those required for Homeopathy and Naturopathy. These vials are manufactured from low borosilicate real neutral glass and the cap is polypropylene.
Pastra does not age, provides a long time antistatic protection to your cables' external surfaces and keeps audio contacts at high electrical conductivity, improving signal transfer.

Directions of use:
Just apply a small quantity of
the pastra to a clean soft cloth and wipe over connectors and external cable surfaces. Leave for 30 seconds before wiping clean.

Important: keep away from reach of children.

External pastra size (with cap fitted): 44mm tall, 18mm diameter.

Pastra also works as an excellent CD/DVD-Player Laser-Lens Cleaner.
Removes dust from the lens and enhances the performance of a CD and DVD player thus optimize the sound quality of your stereo system.


Pastra advanced antistatic cleaner is provided with the following products:

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