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"From the very first listening of 'mamalos cables' i am realizing that they are special from many perspectives. Clear and revealing yet very balanced and smooth they are excellently suited for use in critical professional audio systems. Outstanding value for money too!"

Yiorgos Psihoyios
Modern Pianist and Composer
"The musical chameleon"

REVIEW of mamalos interconnects at the "A.C.A." website forum
MECHANISM: audiophile nanotubes technology album by Yiorgos Psihoyios


"When producing for the dance floor one has to keep in mind that everything will be played & heard very loud. Changes that are inaudible under normal conditions can make or break the track in the club. For this reason, sound clarity for mixing & mastering is of paramount importance. "Mamalos cables" offer unsurpassed quality & reliability in reference environments."

Emerging Humanity supports mamalos cables with their experience in entrepreneurship and coaching for founders.

Christos Kedras

  • Internationally renowned house-music DJ/producer and co-owner of Kapa Music

  • Founder of Emerging Humanity


"Providing only for the best instruments is like driving a super car on a rough stony road. It is beyond our imagination what difference really good cables can make during a live or mastering process.
"Mamalos cables" performance is a true phenomenon able to make a relatively inexpensive musical equipment sound extraordinarily natural thus offering a breath of completely fresh air."

" Our lives never sounded so Live..."

The Black Strat Band
" The mood of classic rock "


"Music is our life and we want to share it with others as perfect as possible. With the "mamalos cables", we were able to achieve our desired audio output.
We have used other typical audio cables for the past years, but the "mamalos" only satisfies our ears, heart, and desires.
We also love the airproof cables. So innovative!

Water-resistant shower speakers
"To provide quality music to anyone"

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