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What is a hi-end cable

About our Cables

What is a hi-end cable? And what exactly is its function?

In order to give an answer to this question we can use en example. If you carry pure clear water from a mountain to a town in old steel pipes you will drink dirty water; if you use plastic pipes you will drink water that smells of plastic; but if you use a good protective glass pipe you will drink pure clear water.
So, this is what we must expect from a good cable: To carry the music from each component to the other without distortion.
Well no, this is IMPOSSIBLE!
The existence of a cable between them always produces signal distortion. The ideal cable is something that only exists in our imagination.

Many people do not realize that audio cables are another electrical component just like a CD player or a turntable or the amplifier used in their audio system. The goal there is to find the electrical component that is able to cooperate with the others that exist in a high fidelity system, in order to reproduce exactly the detail and nuance of a sound that the listener wants to hear. This is what high fidelity means.
Well no again, this is IMPOSSIBLE!
The existence of electrical components produces signal distortion. The best component is something that only exists in our imagination.

So the real goal is to find a component, a device or a cable that is capable of producing the least possible distortion and a sound that is as close to the real as possible.
Well no again, this is IMPOSSIBLE!
The existence of electrical components that record and store up the sounds produces distortion. The real sound does not exist when using any sound system. The only natural music listening environment is one in which we hear an instrument or a voice live -that is straight from the source- at a specific place and time, without the insertion of any kind of electrical components.

So what is a high fidelity system?

We can say that it is a system that can produce a hologram of the reality of sound! Good sound means one thing to one listener and entirely something different to another.
So the goal here is to select an audio system that have the best possible construction based on the rules of science, in order to reproduce with less distortion what is written in a recording, according to the preference and taste of a specific sound engineer. It is not obvious that his listening preferences are the same as ours. Do we always agree on what is musical or "right"?
That is exactly the reason for the existence of so many manufactures of electrical components. Our taste!

So what is the reason for the existence of a good hi-end cable in a sound system?

It is a component that easily can change the way of listening to recordings in order to match our taste.
To achieve this, the cable must have a good performance based on the principles of science.
Of course, we do not know everything. The solutions come from people who can realize what is understood and what is not understood yet. But, first of all, we must comprehend and put the already known principles of science in practice.
There are a lot of factors to consider in order to increase the performance of an audio cable: the conductor materials, the geometry of the construction, the electrical properties such as the Resistance, the Capacitance, the Inductance, the Characteristic Impedance, the velocity of propagation and the Skin Effect, the noise, the vibrations, the electromagnetic interface EMI, the radiofrequency interface RFI, the proper conductors size, the insulation of all the materials, the manufacturing quality, the most effective contact, the corrosion, the connectors and so on and on; but, most of all, how all of them can be combined and balanced for a really unique cable to be manufactured.

This is exactly what we do here.
We invite you to use our products hoping to offer you a new holographic experience!

Let your music breathe...

Constantine P. Mamalos

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