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Our real wooden boxes

Audio cables are an electrical component just like a CD player or a turntable or the amplifier used in our audio system. Moreover special audio cables are scientifically designed products and this makes them delicate and sensitive to external influences.
Our goal is to provide quality for the longest possible time. In order to guarantee safe storage and transportation we pack them with exceptional care and attention using a specially designed fully-recycled luxurious and robust real wooden box intended to prevent any damage.

Furthermore in order to ensure that the cables don't bend beyond a certain radius we have selected the appropriate internal dimensions of the box. The minimum safe bending radius for our cables is 8.5cm so our box is designed to provide a bending radius of 10cm. Each of our wooden boxes shares the same unique serial number as the cables that it carries. Inside the box you will also find all necessary documentation and instruction manuals plus a bottle of our pastra advanced antistatic cleaner as a gift.


Projects packed into our wooden boxes:

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