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The crisiscable -b (minimum dielectric copper)

Balanced Interconnect Cable

In times of a financial crisis a new cable arises in the horizon. A cable which has two main characteristics allowing everybody to experience pleasure from music: Very good sonic performance at a modest price. Since crisis also means critical point, this name seems to be more proper, especially nowadays.
Crisiscable -b balanced interconnect is based on our crisiscable -i cable design considering all details in order to find a balance between quality and price. However, we use three insulated twisted conductors to transfer the audio signal separately -one serving as signal up in phase, one as signal up in opposite phase and the last as return signal.

Likewise crisiscable -b has no sonic signature since it uses almost no dielectric material providing transparency and naturalness to your audio system.
Crisiscable -b is an extremely light, quite flexible, unshielded triple-core interconnect cable in warm-gold color. It consists of three solid metal conductors twisted properly in order to avoid the interactions between them.
The three signal conductors are specially made of 99.99% (4N) high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), which has very high conductivity. The manufacturing process eliminates the surface mechanical anomalies improving the electrical signal transmission properties, giving extremely low distortion.
To eliminate the problem of copper corrosion in the course of time as well as the dielectric material effect, an extremely thin, almost transparent lacquer coating is used providing flexibility, electric insulation, and durability. The same lacquer is standardly applied to all our copper conductors.
The result is a time-lasting stable product capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants. This special-made lacquer coating also works:

  • As a dielectric effect reducer, since beyond the extremely thin lacquer coating, there is nothing but air which causes no dielectric effect.
  • As a metal to metal suspension, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects insignificant.
  • As a joint material, reducing dramatically the micro movements between the copper conductors avoiding the static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.

As the only dielectric material is this lacquer, the cable sonic signature remains extremely low.
By using a specific process, each end of our copper conductors is perfectly polished, thus becoming elliptical to avoid electric evacuations.
Total cable capacitance is 187 pF/m.
Total cable resistance is a very low 0.0605 ohm/m.
We use single signal and signal return conductors providing similar field geometry per length unit.
Likewise, the use of a single conductor for signal and signal return eliminates chaotic electron migration through the usual conductor strands and their imperfect barriers.
By twisting the three pure copper conductors together and keeping cross-sections small we reduce magnetic hum and skin effect. The small twisting lengths minimizes the exterior interjections, causing the signal transmission to travel at faster speeds.
Total cable weight remains remarkably low (58gram/m) in order to protect your delicate equipment sockets.
The crisiscable -b balanced interconnect cable is available with gold plated XLR quality connectors. Before lead-free and halogen-free soldering, using high purity, 4% silver solder, we apply pressure to stabilize the conductors and ensure a suitable low resistance contact. The process of melting and solidifying takes place within narrow temperature ranges so that the surface of the solder joint remains smooth and corrosion-protected. This connecting method seems to provide the best signal transfer results.
A thick liquid treatment oil is applied on the solder surface as well as on all XLR connectors to eliminate corrosion thus increasing electrical contact stability.

Before packing we use our cables demagnetizing method neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on the cables in a three-stage procedure.

Finally, as with all our cables, crisiscable -b balanced interconnect cable is carefully checked and separately tested in our laboratory by a highly skilled master technician to ensure a reliable product and a blissful owner, offering a significant upgrade to your valuable audio system.
Crisiscable -b is carefully packed in a cardboard box to protect this cable and prevent any damage. Inside the box you will also find all necessary documentation and instruction manuals.

: Crisiscable -i is not directional when it is manufactured. However after about 40 hours of use in one direction it will sound better when it is used in the original direction of break in.

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Crisiscable -b specifications *

Capacitance (Core to core)

164.5 pF/m (50.1 pF/ft) at 10Khz

Capacitance (Total cable)

187.4 pF/m (57.1 pF/ft) at 10Khz


0.69 uH/m (0.21 uH/ft) at 1Khz


0.0605 Ohm/m at 20C


0.0184 Ohm/ft at 20C



3 x Copper 99.99 %


External twisted


Thin lacquer coating






Gold plated XLR



External diameter

1.30 mm

Total weight

58 gram (1.00m)

Lengths available

0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5 meter**


Technology tables

Comparative tables

Remarks: very thin coating dielectric material, similar field geometry per length unit, factory mounted gold plated XLR connectors, lead-free and halogen-free silver soldering, remarkably low weight, carefully packed, demagnetized.

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.
Any other length can be custom made on your demand.
*** 6 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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