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Amorphous carbon shield

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Metal free shielding technology

When a cable transfers a signal it acts as a transmitting antenna at the same time, transmitting a portion of carrying signal to outer environment.

Likewise, metal conductors also act as antennas receiving the existing electromagnetic signals and adding them to the signal they carry so that signal accuracy will be affected. Unfortunately, nowadays we live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic signals present almost everywhere. Those undesirable signals would then be amplified to audible frequencies by your system causing hum and noises.
To eliminate this phenomenon, conventional cables are covered by a conductive metallic cage (layer or braid) which drains all these unwanted signals away, especially when it is only hard-grounded at one end (the low impedance signal source end). However, this metallic sheath, known as the cable shield, affects directly with the metallic signal conductors altering the electrical characteristics of the cable, for example dramatically increasing the total cable capacitance.

Our amorphous carbon shield

To solve this problem that conventional cables suffer from we decided to cover the cable internal flexible tubing layer by applying directly on it a unique electro-conductive carbon layer. A layer that shields the cable fine enough to isolate all the uninvited signals while preventing them from penetrating and interfering with the cores. In addition, as it is completely metal-free it does not interact with our silver or copper conductors, keeping the electrical characteristics of the cable unaltered, allowing them to accomplish an unaffected signal interconnection.
Moreover, this continuous and high adhesive tensile strength carbon shield structure doesn't coherently repeat itself throughout the cable as it is formless so that, according to our Amorphous shield principles, it cannot voice the cable along its length.

Atomic structure of graphene

In particular, our carbon shield consists of two or -in some projects- three separate layers of a completely metal-free electro-conductive coating for the protection against high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF) and low frequency electric fields (LF). In order to be highly effective, it has a small unit size (relative to the skin depth), high conductivity (for shielding by reflection) and a high aspect ratio (for connectivity).

Moreover, this electro-conductive carbon shield is highly breathable, very low VOC content (volatile organic compounds), and free of solvents. It is also long-term durable and corrosion resistant providing an excellent (Farraday) cage completely closed against any external signal penetration.
Carbon shielding layers are tested regularly on the content of VOC and PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and they are 60 times below the limit of the actual VOC limit and 100 times below the limit of the often recommended PAH limit even for children toys.

The attenuation of 45 dB (shielding effectiveness of 99.997%) with two layers and more than 50 dB (shielding effectiveness of 99.9999%) with three layers provide for the protection against cell phone towers, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, digital standard cordless telephones, wireless networks or power supply lines.

amorphous carbon shield is totally metal-free without metal particles using a mixture of carbons. Therefore, it offers perfect corrosion resistance (no oxidizing) and long-term durability eliminating at the same time the problems of polarisation most metal shield cables suffer from.

These primary characteristics render this modern shield as one of the most effective and electrical neutral possible hi-end cable shielding available today.

Projects shielded by our amorphous carbon shield:

  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )

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