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Mamalos new cable conductors called carbon nanotubes treated conductors is a unique example of technology at its finest.
All our conductors of the Carbon nanotubes treated cable series are made of silver or copper with purity as amazingly high as 99.999%, as described in our silver conductors and in our copper conductors presentations. Because silver has the highest conductivity of all known metals it is an ideal material for a good sound reproduction. The technical difficulty however, which a technician has to overcome, was how to make better use of its characteristics and create a conductor with maximum efficiency. This could not have been achieved without the ultimate use of high technology as well as the use of unusual and exotic materials.

After the many years of analyzing the proving of theories, the quality of materials and the hours upon hours of listening, the mamalos cables innovation also extends to the use of carbon nanotubes as a conductor treatment material since it provides a superior conductivity enhancement to them. Those innovative carbon nanotubes treated conductors are an intense enhancement in quality of the already exceptional characteristics of our silver or copper conductors bringing mamalos cables to the next level.

Multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are allotropes of carbon with a cylindrical tube-shaped nanostructure.
They are reknown for their combination of properties that's so far unprecedented since individual nanotubes are capable of transmitting nearly 1.000 times more current than copper.
They're mechanically strong, yet flexible enough to be knotted or woven together into long lengths and because they're made of carbon, not metal, they don't corrode.

Having the ability to control all the critical growth conditions in functionalization and based on our Amorphous Carbon Shield technology in a similar configuration, we managed to create a masterbatch that consist of functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) into which, in specific conditions, our silver or copper conductors are immersed allowing the nanotubes to fill in the voids between metal molecules and coalesce, as long as pi-stacking holding together by Van der Waals forces
Then each conductor is encapsulated in an extremely thin, almost transparent, lacquer coating stabilizing and isolating the entire carbon nanotubes structure out of the atmosphere.

Moreover, this special-made lacquer coating also provides:

  • High thermal stability in the high temperature field
  • Chemical and mechanical stability in the high temperature field
  • Very high hermetic factor thus providing a secure carbon nanotubes isolation
  • Ideal eclectic insulation
  • Excellent durability archiving a time-lasting stable conductor
  • Low angle of loss at the highest operating temperatures
  • Extreme elasticity of the silver or copper conductors.

This process which lasts 7 days significantly increases the conductivity of our conductors, and more conductivity means more music.
In addition, this conductive carbon nanotubes layer, since it is metal free, convert the external magnetic field existing all around the metallic conductors (the signal is always electromagnetic and never only electric) into an electrical signal thus increases the velocity of propagation.

Likewise, since this carbon nanotube layer is also extremely thermo-conductive, absorbs the heat produced by the current within the metal structure reducing the silver or copper conductors working temperature thus increasing conductivity since the electrical resistivity of a metallic conductor decreases gradually as temperature is lowered.

The result is a paramount efficient main conductor that gives to our cables flat frequency response, smooth and effortless reproduction and neutral sound character. An excellent choice for the demanding audiophile while he is watching an image of the future that is part of the present.

Our nanotubes treated conductors projects:

  • epitome mk2 ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )
  • electron 28n ( Carbon Nanotubes Power Cable )
  • epitome sp ( Carbon Nanotubes Speaker Cable )

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