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Cables airproof mode

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The atmosphere is the major enemy of metal cables since contains oxygen, chemical substances and pollution. All these factors increase the problem of metal corrosion in the course of time same as chemical attacks.
The absolute and the best way to eliminate the problem of cables corrosion in the course of time, from which all metal cables suffer from, is to isolate the metal conductors out of the atmosphere.

In order to achieve this goal we make sure that all our cables will be airproofed by carefully isolating the sensitive silver conductors rendering all the above problems insignificant.
Therefore, in some advanced models of our cables we use a combination of a special made nitrile elastic o-ring carefully covered by a heat shrink layer instead of a simple cover layer (nitrile o-rings offers superior puncture resistance while also maintaining superior resistance to oils, fuels and solvents). This cylindrical elastic o-ring is properly placed near each cable connector covering and tightening the external jacket. A halogen free heat shrink layer covers entirely the cylindrical elastic o-ring and the external jacket, including each cable's connector external shell.

This patented
"cables airproof mode" makes each cable to be completely isolated out of the external atmosphere offering a time-lasting stable product capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants and penetration of humidity keeping the capacitance stable and low.

Moreover, since the external cable tube remains hermitically closed we are capable to use effectively our patented Natural Flow Cooling System stabilizing the operation temperature level of our cables lower than a conventional cable, offering a significant diminution in signal loss.

Projects using our cables airproof mode:

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