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Elastic hanging mechanism

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Each time we insert or remove a cable in/from any device or even if we simply move it, strain and tension forces are produced causing undesirable alterations in the metal structure of the cable wires. In particular circumstances these forces can cause permanent changes in the wire geometric characteristics causing audible distortion and signal loss as well as complete cable destruction.

On the other hand all electronic components are enclosed into chassis for safety reasons, in order for them to be protected from the external interactions and damages as well as for reducing the external vibrations. A cable is another electrical component just like a CD player or an amplifier used in any audio system. As a cable should be as flexible as possible, it is almost impossible to protect in a proper chassis like all electronics. In addition, vibrations transferred from the air, the speakers themselves and the resulting possible resonances should be isolated from the cables as they produce microphonics and harmonic distortion.

In order to solve the aforementioned serious problems most cables suffer from, we attend to hang the internal flexible tubing layer independently to the connector, permitting the sensitive wires to freely make micro-movements inside this internal insulation tubing as we make them properly longer than the external cover.

This patented
"elastic hanging mechanism" works as a suspension, isolating the vibrations produced by the components' chassis, the sonic waves and the speakers themselves.
Moreover, this mechanism accepts all forces caused each time our cables are inserted, removed or moved for any reason, rendering them practically uninfluenced by any alteration in the metal structure of the wires.

Consequently the use of this elastic handling mechanism in our cables:

  • preserves the original factory characteristics for a longer period of time.
  • makes them display remarkable stability at different sonic volumes.
  • reduces any contact microphonic effects.
  • works as an additional suspension reducing the resultant mechanical vibrations before they become part of the audio signal.
  • protects them from any transportation damage.

As a result, the audio signal becomes stronger and more quiet with cleaner, darker backgrounds and a larger, more stable soundstage.

Projects using our elastic hanging mechanism:

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