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sToa 8 evolution

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After the success and the effectiveness of our sToa 8 technology, it was the right time to make some critical improvements in order to make our bad electrical filters (cables) even worse! (better audio cables)
And what would be more logical than to name this technology:
sToa 8 evolution.
By applying
sToa 8 evolution technology to some of our cables the sonic aspects are more attractive and much better in quality, offering significant audible improvements.

1. Being able to operate a bigger central Teflon tube, we managed to manipulate heavier silver conductors at bigger core diameters keeping a remarkably low capacitance and the minimum possible increase in inductance. Moreover, by using heavier silver conductors we further reduce the total resistance at the same time.
The clearest high frequencies you could ever imagine and the lack of dynamic compression on higher signal levels are now possible to attain.

2. By combining our low capacitance geometry and our assymetric technology at the same time we take advantage of the benefits of both of them.
In particular, we use a bigger Teflon tube surrounded by the conductors in something like parallel-8 shape crossing each other upwards and downwards while simultaneously applying different lengths in the crossing process of the cable conductors. This low capacitance combination technology eliminates silver characteristic brightness offering the highest musical resolution possible.

3. Materials possess their own specific tonal signatures. Wood, plastic, iron, cardboard, ceramics, or silver produce recognizably different sounds. Our hearing has developed an amazing sensitivity to these material sound signatures so that we could differentiate between different types of wood or different voices. The accuracy of recognizing materials increases the nearer they are to the mechanism of our ears. That is why such different timbres are discernible in wood which have characteristics similar to that of our bones.
sToa 8 evolution technology we use a lacquer specially designed in order to have characteristics similar to that of the mechanism of our ears. This very thick treatment lacquer is applied directly on the Teflon conductors insulation tubing after their crossing process, offering high thermal, chemical and mechanical stability, extreme elasticity of silver conductors and excellent hermetic factor providing a perfect protection against moisture penetration. The result is an extended low level information and total lack of any audible harshness. Moreover, spacing between the tubes and conductors remains accurate providing a stable value of capacitance in accuracy of 0,02 pF(!) thus offering a very stable sound quality product and a long lifespan.

Our sToa 8 evolution technology projects:

  • aristocratic ( interconnect cable )
  • archon ( shielded balanced interconnect cable )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )
  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • callus ( sheilded speaker cable - third principle only )

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